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Interdisciplinary collaboration to further
innovative research

Our Expertise

RDI²’s leadership in extreme scale data infrastructure, systems, and applications drives opportunities for collaboration and partnerships with industry in application areas ranging from healthcare and medical informatics to finance, insurance, food, oil & gas, logistics, and more.


For information about RDI² Partnership opportunities, please contact: 
Forough Ghahramani 
Associate Director of Administration and Partnerships


What We Accomplish

Partnering with RDI² enables access to expertise for system and architectural consultation, system and application optimization, and prototyping and proof of concept. RDI² engages in multidisciplinary co-discovery with partners to solve problems and catalyze new thinking. The RDI² Industry Partnership Program provides industry members with access to a comprehensive set of services, expertise, and resources including:

  • Access to world-class technical expertise
  • Access to RDI²'s advanced infrastructure
  • Access to training in Computational and Data Sciences and Advanced Cyberinfrastructure
  • Access to resources and expertise at affiliated centers
  • Participation in annual RDI² events