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Working as part of the DataSpaces Project (, successful candidates will join an ambitious, multidisciplinary team focused on designing conceptual and software solutions for managing data and data-processing workflows on extreme scale systems including the largest supercomputing systems in the world, and enabling cutting-edge applications in science, engineering and medicine.
Candidates should have a strong background in operating systems and systems programming in C and/or C++, and must be familiar with parallel programming principles.  Previous experience in shared-memory parallelization (OpenMP), distributed-memory parallelization (MPI), and/or GPU-based methods (e.g., CUDA, OpenCL) is a plus.
Application areas include extreme scale data analytics/machine learning/data mining methods on big medical data (e.g., image, gene sequence data), high-energy physics, fusion, oil & Gas, and computation chemistry. Applicants with experience in machine learning algorithms, neural networks and computer vision are also welcome.