Unleashing the most powerful supercomputer in the state



Rutgers’ New Supercomputer

Our Supercomputing Legacy

Rutgers’ new supercomputer, which is named “Caliburn,” is the most powerful system in the state. It was built with a $10 million award to the Rutgers Discovery Informatics Institute (RDI2) from the New Jersey Higher Education Leasing Fund. The lead contractor is High Point Solutions of Bridgewater, N.J., which was chosen as the lead contractor after a competitive bidding process. The system integrator is Super Micro Computer Inc. of San Jose, California.

Manish Parashar, the founding director of RDI² and Ivan Rodero, RDI²’s associate director of technical operations, designed the system with a unique architecture and capabilities. It is based on a new network interconnect developed by Intel (Omni-Path) and it is among the first clusters to use the Intel Omni-Path fabric and the latest Intel processors.

Along with users at Rutgers, the system will be accessible to researchers at other New Jersey universities and industry users. RDI2 works with the New Jersey Big Data Alliance, which was founded by Rutgers and seven other universities in the state, to build an industry users program. The capabilities of this new system will establish New Jersey's reputation in advanced computing and benefit a broad spectrum of industry sectors and academic disciplines. Accelerating Innovation Through Advanced Cyberinfrastructure: A Strategic Vision for Research Cyberinfrastructure at Rutgers provides the details of the 2014 strategic planning process led by RDI2 for Research Computing at Rutgers.

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Pictured from Left to Right: Manish Parashar, Margaret Brennan-Tonetta, and Ivan Rodero

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Caliburn is ranked #166 worldwide in the Top500 list of June 2016.

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