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Interdisciplinary collaboration to further
innovative research

Our Expertise

RDI²’s leadership in extreme scale data infrastructure, systems, and applications drives opportunities for collaboration and partnerships with industry in application areas ranging from healthcare and medical informatics, finance, insurance, food, oil & gas, logistics, and more.


For information about RDI² Partnership opportunities, please contact: 
Forough Ghahramani 
Associate Director of Administration and Partnerships


What We Accomplish

Partnering with RDI² enables access to expertise for system and architectural consultation, system and application optimization, and prototyping and proof of concept. RDI² engages in multidisciplinary co-discovery with partners to solve problems and catalyze new thinking. The RDI² Industry Partnership Program provides industry members with access to a comprehensive set of services, expertise, and resources including:

  • Access to world-class technical expertise
  • Acces to RDI²'s advanced infrastructure
  • Access to training in Computational and Data Sciences and Advanced Cyberinfrastructure
  • Access to resources and expertise at affiliated centers
  • Participation in annual RDI² events