Research Activity

Areas of Expertise

Advanced Cyberinfrastructure (ACI)

RDI2 has expertise in the design and development of advance cyberinfrastructures -- we create tools, middleware, application-frameworks for a range of computing platforms, including but not limited to supercomputers, high-throughput clusters, networks of mobile devices, grids and clouds. We are developing the integrated capabilities that enable the seamless execution and management of wide-variety of extreme scale application requirements on these computing platforms.

Extreme Scale Applications

RDI2 is working with a range of applications and domain scientists to enable the effective and efficient uptake of the ACI and computing platforms. We are developing the programming models as well as programming environments to support their execution at scale.

Computational Science and Informatics

RDI2 has a focused effort on enabling Extreme Scale Sciences and “Big Data” applications. We are developing new and innovative approaches to solve data and compute intensive problems in life sciences, human health, and materials science among many others.