Benefits of Membership

CAC members are afforded access to leading-edge developments in autonomic computing and to knowledge accumulated by academic researchers and other industry partners. New members will join a growing list of founding members that currently includes BAE Systems, EWA Governemnt Systems, IBM, Intel, Merrill-Lynch, Microsoft, Motorola, Northrop-Grumman, NEC, Raytheon, Xerox, Avirtech, Citrix, Imaginestics, and ISCA Technologies. Benefits of membership include:

  • Collaboration with faculty, graduate students, post-doctoral researchers and other center partners
  • Choice of project topics to be funded by members' own contributions
  • Formal periodic project reviews along with continuous informal interaction and timely access to reports, papers and intellectual property generated by the center
  • Access to unique world-class equipment, facilities, and other CAC infrastructure
  • Recruitment opportunities among excellent graduate students
  • Leveraging of investments, projects and activities by all CAC members
  • Spin-off initiatives leading to new partnerships, customers or teaming for competitive proposals to funded programs
  • Professional networking with new customers or partners for competitive funding opportunities.