Research Collaborations

The Rutgers Discovery Informatics Institute collaborates with researchers from across Rutgers University.  The diagram below provides a snapshot of the research we conduct and the researchers with whom we work.  The thickness of the bars connecting different disciplines and collaborators illustrates the quantity of research RDI2 personnel conduct. 
Check out the key to the right for full names of the Rutgers entities featured in the diagram. 

RDI2 Research Areas and Collaborations

Some of the ground-breaking research RDI2 personnel work on is featured in the summaries below: 

Addressing Power-Performance Tradeoffs for Data-Intensive Applications on Systems with Deep Memory Hierarchies

Content-based Histopathology Image Retrieval with High Performance Computing

Exploring Application-aware Cross-layer techniques for Power and Performance Management

High-Resolution Simulations of Chromatin on Federated Infrastructures

Incentivising Resource Sharing in Social Clouds

Open Framework and Ecosystem for Federated IaaS Clouds

Using Federated Heterogeneous Resources to Understand Fluid Flow in Microchannels

Collaboration with with Inria Avalon (Lyon) on Sustainable UltraScale computing, data and energy Management