Rutgers Discovery Informatics Institute (RDI2) was established as the Rutgers-wide multidisciplinary advanced research computation center, with the goal of creating a comprehensive and internationally competitive advanced cyberinfrastructure and associated research program at Rutgers. It has established successful research collaborations with computational groups across Rutgers and with industry. RDI2 has over 50 grants totaling over $35 million, including very large cyberinfrastructure grants. RDI2 lead the University-wide ACI planning that resulted in the formation of the Rutgers Office of Advanced Research Computing (OARC), and is playing a leadership role in the State’s cyberinfrastructure and Big Data efforts. It has architected and is currently deploying the largest research computing platform in Rutgers history. It also operates one of the largest production data cyberinfrastructures for the US National Science Foundation’s Ocean Observatories Initiative (OOI).
Office of Advanced Reseaarch Computing (OARC) was created as a result of the University-wide ACI planning process led by RDI2, and is currently being incubated within this unit. The goal of OARC is to provide research computing and associated user services across the University, to enable consolidation and sharing of resources and expertise. It acts as the bridge between the IT and research communities, representing researchers and their ACI needs to the University’s Office of Information Technology senior staff. OARC will also collaborate with RDI2 to develop and execute a strategic plan for advance cyberinfrastructure at Rutgers. 


Roles & Responsibilities

RDI2 & OARC are jointly responsible for the development of advanced research computing at Rutgers. In partnership, they will define strategic direction for deploying a comprehensive university-wide strategy that drives research and innovation across Rutgers.



Provide advanced research infrastructure expertise and facilities (such as ELF I, II & III)

Provide system support and manage research computing resources across Rutgers

Provide high-level expertise in multidisciplinary, computational and data-enabled research

Provide technical expertise and user services

Provide leadership in advanced cyberinfrastructure technologies

Bridges the gap between researchers, campus IT, and local, regional, and national CI ecosystems

Leading data preservations initiative

Supports university-wide ACI projects (e.g., PDB, OOI, etc.)

Build research collaborations across the University

Facilitate sharing, consolidation

Provide State/National leadership in ACI


Provide linkages to industry