Rutgers takes title of Best Poster at ACM CAC Conference in Miami

Rutgers recently sent representatives to the Cloud and Autonomic Computing Conference.  Hosted by the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM), the conference ran from from August 5th through the 8th and included attendees from universities across the country.  A poster by Dr. Javier Diaz-Montes, Mr. Mengsong Zou, Dr. Ivan Rodero and Dr. Manish Parashar won an award for the best poster at the conference.  The poster, entitled Autonomic Computing on Federated Advanced Cyberinfrastructures, was well recieved by the crowd which seemed very interested in the different use cases of the Federation model.

"I was continuously busy for the two hours of the session and everybody was interested and listened" says Dr. Rodero in reference to the talk that accompanied the poster.

Dr. Ivan Rodero recieves the award from Dr. Alan Sill (left) and Dr. Salim Hariri (right).