RDI2 and XSEDE to offer "Application of Parallel Computers"


RDI2 is pleased to work with XSEDE in offering a new joint course: "Application of Parallel Computers". This course is targeted toward senior undergraduates students or graduate students who are interested in learning about parallel programming. Students should have some programming experience as a prerequisite. (This course is not intended for those who are experts in software and programming. This is a multi- university course and will be managed and instructed locally by Dr. Ivan Rodero of RDI2.)

Course Description:
This course teaches both graduate and advanced undergraduate students from diverse departments how use parallel computers both efficiently and productively, i.e. how to write programs that run fast while minimizing programming effort. The latter is increasingly important since essentially all computers are (becoming) parallel, from supercomputers to laptops. The course will be taught online and includes lecture materials, quizzes, and programming exercises. As a prerequisite students should ideally have some programming experience in C or similar language. This is an online course. There will be a couple of in-person local sessions which will be announced at the start of the semester. Local Instructor: Dr. Ivan Rodero.

Who Should Take This Course?

  • Graduate Students in the sciences/engineering who are interested in learning more about computation or who have a computational science application that requires parallel computers
  • Students in analytics/data sciences interested in learning about parallel computers, cloud computing and map reduce
  • Senior undergraduate students in the sciences/engineering, with some computer experience, but who are interested in learning about parallel computations.

To Register:
The course number is 16:137:602:DU Special Topics: Applications of Parallel Computers (Online) . Special permission numbers are needed. Please send email to psminfo@dceo.rutgers.edu to obtain a special permission number. (Please mention the course number and title in the email.)

More Information:
Course outline can be seen here from XSEDE. Additional course lectures & assignments will be posted on the Rutgers Course web site. Suggestions from registered students are welcome.