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Overview: The Benefits of Advanced Computation

Today, advanced computation is boosting competitiveness across the industrial spectrum. The R&D departments of Fortune 500 manufacturing firms are using supercomputers to run simulations that optimize for numerous variables at once. This practice saves both time and money by drastically reducing product development schedules and physical prototype testing. Financial firms on Wall Street also use supercomputers to help manage their portfolios, and the nation’s largest drug companies use them to analyze the genomes of drug resistant individuals to create new, effective drugs.

Advanced computation can even improve industrial decision making. A recent study conducted by MIT researchers concluded that companies that employ data-driven decision making enjoy productivity and profits that are 5 percent to 6 percent higher than those of their competitors.

Competitive Advantage

Although many U.S. firms recognize the competitive advantages of advanced computation technology, a large number are still reluctant to adopt it because of cost and knowledge barriers. The result is a “missing middle” in the nation’s productivity, which is causing American firms, particularly those in the middle of the supply chain, to fall behind their international competition.

Through RDI2, Rutgers University is taking a systematic approach to helping small, medium, and large companies overcome these barriers. Rutgers recognizes that simply helping firms gain access to supercomputer cycles is not enough. Therefore, an integral part of your RDI2 experience includes access to RDI2 personnel and academics with technical expertise. We are eager to work with you to customize our services to meet your unique needs.