Incentivising Resource Sharing in Social Clouds

Overview of the Project:

Social Clouds provide the capability to share resources among participants within a social network - leveraging on the trust relationships already existing between such participants. In such a system, users are able to trade resources between each other, rather than make use of capability offered at a (centralized) data centre. Incentives for sharing remain an important hurdle to make more effective use of such an environment, which has a significant potential for improving resource utilization and making available additional capacity that remains dormant. We utilize the socio-economic model proposed by Silvio Gesell to demonstrate how a "virtual currency" could be used to incentivise sharing of resources within a "community". We subsequently demonstrate, through simulations, the benefit provided to participants within such a community using a variety of economic (such as overall credits gained) and technical (number of successfully completed transactions) metrics.


1) Tom Beach, Ioan Petri, Omer F. Rana from Cardiff University

2) Moustafa AbdelBaky, Javier Diaz-Montes,  Manish Parashar, Ivan Rodero, Mengsong Zou from  Rutgers Discovery Informatics Institute, Dept. of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Rutgers University

3) Magdalena Punceva from Swiss Federal Institute of Technology

4) Shang di Richard, Lu Sifei, Li Xiaorong, Institute of High Performance Computing (iHPC), Singapore

Relevant Publications:

1) M. Punceva, I. Rodero, M. Parashar, O.F. Rana, I. Petri ,"Incentivizing Resource Sharing in Social Clouds", Concurrency and Computation: Practice and Experience; 8 March 2013.