RDI2 Seminar: "The EGI Pan-European Cloud Test Bed: Use Cases and Federation Model"


Matteo Turilli, Senior Research Associate, Oxford e-Research Centre

Date:  October 16th, 2012, 2:00 - 3:30pm
Location:   CoRE 701


A growing number of research communities are looking at cloud computing and its underlying economic and technological models as a way to obtain cheap, scalable and easy to access computational  resources. Several cloud initiatives have cropped up across Europe following this demand, both in the private and public sector. The talk presents the cloud activities of the European Grid Initiative (EGI) and focuses on the model of federation that has been chosen to deploy an EGI pan-European cloud test bed. Several use cases are reviewed to show how user communities intend to benefit from cloud computing and what kinds of capabilities a federation of clouds should offer.  Different models of federation are introduced and a detailed analysis  of the model chosen by EGI is offered. The implementation of the EGI  federation test bed is discussed with attention to i) cloud standards,  brokering and clients; ii) how cloud resources are integrated within a  pre-existing infrastructure; and iii) how they compare to other ways  to share and distribute computing and data resources to the research communities.

About Matteo Turilli: 

Matteo Turilli is a Senior Research Associate at the Oxford e-Research Centre. He holds a DPhil (PhD) in Computer Science from the University of Oxford and is involved in several projects concerning the research  and development of Cloud Computing. Matteo's main research interest is in parallel and distributed computing, specifically as it relates to  ethical and security requirements. Currently, Matteo is the leader of  the EGI-InSPIRE Task on Federated Clouds and member of the Oxford  Cyber Security Centre and of the Oxford Requirement and Foundations Group.