Adult Seminar

Education & Training

RDI2 is enhancing the educational opportunities in computation and data available to students across all Rutgers campuses and disciplines, as well as to students across New Jersey. Thus far RDI2, in conjunction with the Rutgers University Professional Science Masters Program, has developed a new Master of Business and Science concentration in Analytics – Discovery Informatics & Data Sciences, as well a new certificate in “Computational and Data-enabled Science and Engineering”.

RDI2 also offers Parallel Programming and Blue Gene Boot Camps to students, researchers and faculty throughout Rutgers University and other partner institutions in New Jersey (e.g., Kean University and Stockton College).  In the near future, RDI2 plans to invite students and researchers from New Jersey Big Data Alliance member institutions to participate in the boot camps.

RDI2 also entered into pilot partnerships with Stockton College and Kean University to establish joint curriculum, jointly offered courses, and a virtual summer institute.  RDI2 plans to make these opportunities available to students at NJ Big Data Alliance member institutions in the near future.

Finally, RDI2 will soon be offering Executive Continuing Educational programs, which will be open to researchers from industry, OIT personnel, and working professionals throughout New Jersey.  These programs will include short courses on discovery informatics, high performance computing, e-science, and large-scale analytics, and will allow professionals to keep up-to-date on the latest research in data related sciences and technologies.