Early Adopters Program

Our ELF Early Adopter Program has been progressively ramping up over the last few months. During this period of time RDI2 has supported over 90 users from 17 departments, 8 schools and 5 campuses (please see figure below), and has delivered over 2,600,000 CPU hours and 100TB of storage to the Rutgers community. 



A call went out to Rutgers researchers in early December 2015 to invite research project submissions for first access to RDI2 production ACI resources. Proposals were due December 9th and all have been evaluated for merit. A total of 21 research projects were selected for the Early Adopters Program.

Access to ELF was available in two phases for the Early Adopters. First round researchers began accessing ELF on Monday, January 4th and second round researchers began over the subsequent weeks.

If you have been selected for the Early Adopters program, additional information was sent to you in the weeks leading up to January 4, 2016.

Please acknowledge support received through the RDI2 ELF initiative in publications and proposals. A suggested acknowledgement is as follows:

“This research/grant has been supported by RDI2 through its ELF initiative”

For further information on the Early Adopters Program, please email elf@rdi2.rutgers.edu