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ACI Initiatives

Advanced computing and data cyberinfrastructure (ACI) are playing increasingly important roles in all areas of computational and data-enabled science and engineering (CDS&E). To be internationally competitive, Rutgers is developing and implementing a bold plan for a research ACI ecosystem that can drive innovation, improve research capabilities and productivity, provide students with necessary exposure and training, and enhance faculty and student competitiveness. The anticipated benefit of this plan and associated research ACI investments is a substantial increase in the scale, quality, and impact of science and engineering research at Rutgers.


Rutgers is developing a strategic plan for an ACI ecosystem as part of its long-term strategic plan to drive innovation, improve research capabilities and productivity, enhance faculty competitiveness, and provide cutting-edge educational opportunities for its students. Key components of the strategic planning activities include:

  1. Deploying a Balanced Nationally Competitive Advanced Cyberinfrastructure at Rutgers
  2. Recruiting Computational and Data Competencies
  3. Establishing Multidisciplinary Research and Educational Structures
  4. Establishing an Office for Research Cyberinfrastructure at Rutgers

Leadership Team

Helen Berman (SAS), Manish Parashar (RDI2/SAS), Don Smith (OIT), Margaret Brennan (ORED)

Working Groups

  1. Medical
    Leads: David Foran (RWJMS and CINJ), Deborah Lazzarino, (NJMS)
    List of Members
  2. Biological (Life) andEnvironmental Sciences
    Leads: Debashish Bhattacharya (SEBS), Joseph Martin (Camden)
    List of Members
  3. Physical and Earth Sciences
    Leads: Oscar Schofield (SEBS), Kristjan Haule (SAS)
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  4. Computing and Information Sciences
    Leads: Nabil Adam (Newark), Michael Lesk (SCI)
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Strategic Vision

ACI Requirements and Priorities Survey


Due date: 04/07/2014

NOTE:  The survey is closed.

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