• New Jersey’s Center for Advanced Computation

    The Rutgers Discovery Informatics Institute (RDI2) uses advanced computation to address today’s compute- and data-intensive grand challenges in science, engineering, and industry. The institute broadens access to the state-of-the-art computing technology that enables large-scale data analytics, computational modeling, and simulations, all of which are playing an increasingly important role in research and innovation.

  • Rutgers Discovery Informatics Institute

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    The Rutgers Discovery Informatics Institute has four key areas of focus: 


    We currently conduct research in the areas of scalable discovery analytics and computational science and engineering, with applications to the life sciences, material sciences, astrophysics, combustion, fusion and geosciences.  We actively seek to collaborate with researchers across Rutgers, in other universities, and in industry.  Thus far, we have established a number of multidisciplinary research focus groups in molecular modeling and big data analytics.

    Industry Engagement and Economic Development

    We offer a tiered industry membership program that provides members with a range of benefits and resources that help them overcome the financial and knowledge barriers associated with HPC utilization.  Membership is also a pathway towards the establishment of collaborative and sponsored research agreements and service agreements with our faculty affiliates and staff members.  Ultimately, the goal of the industry membership program is to foster economic growth by both attracting companies to New Jersey and ensuring that companies that are currently here remain in the state.

    Education, Outreach and Training

    RDI2, in conjunction with the Master of Business and Science (MBS) program, offers a MBS degree in Discovery Informatics and Data Sciences, a certificate in Computational and Data-Enabled Science and Engineering, and executive education short courses on discovery informatics, HPC, e-science and large-scale analytics.   We have also organized a Distinguished Seminar Series

    Regarding outreach, our largest current initiative is the New Jersey Big Data Alliance.  RDI2 and the Office of Economic Development initiated this alliance to encourage New Jersey government, academia and industry to address, in a strategic and coordinated manner, the significant and immediate challenges posed by the proliferation of data sources and the resultant deluge of digital data.

    Advanced Computational Infrastructure

    ACI is the core that permeates all aspects of RDI2 and includes facilities for high-performance computing and communications, data management, computational services, and advanced visualization. The goal is to support both science and engineering enabled by ACI, as well as the science and engineering required to develop and advance ACI. The Rutgers ACI should also provide global linkages to the national and international ACI that will be used, for example, to link observational instruments, data streams, experimental tools, and testbeds.

    RDI2 Open House 2017

    RDI2 will be hosting its annual RDI2 Open House on Tuesday, March 28, 2017. This event features the capabilities and expertise at RDI2 as well as provides updates on exciting new initiatives of the institute. A poster showcase will feature RDI2 research collaborations. RDI2 provides expertise in multidisciplinary computataional and data-enabled research, as well as advanced high performance computing research infrastructure and services. Please join us as we discuss how the unique capablities and expertise at RDI2 are being leveraged by Rutgers students, faculty, staff, and industry partners to promote cutting-edge data science research and innovations.